A Guide to Buying Accent Tables

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A Guide to Buying Accent Tables

The Utility Factor: More Than Just an 'Accent'

The Utility Factor: More Than Just an 'Accent'

Accent tables, often termed the 'Red Carpets' for showcasing your decor, are indispensable in achieving the perfect ambiance for your humble abode. Proving their versatility, these pieces can grace your surroundings, be it your bedroom, living room, entrance or patio, with immense aesthetic value and functionality.

Mapping Your Ambience: The Pathway to the Perfect Accent Table

Before we embark on the journey to buy accent tables, it is essential to regard their utility. Accent tables can be utilized in countless ways – from showcasing your timeless pieces of art to providing extra storage space and even a mini library.

Choosing the Perfect Wanderer: Styles, Shapes, and Sizes

Identifying your needs paves the path to selecting the perfect table. A chic, vintage-inspired table can house your favorite reads, while a statement, rustic piece could glow beneath your treasured Tiffany lamp. Your cozy, outdoor setting could be further brightened by a trendy, wrought-iron piece, or a minimalist, elegant table could take the centerstage in your pristine-white-themed living room.

Materials and Finishes: The Final Touch of Glamour

Accent tables are available in myriads of styles, shapes, and sizes. Round, oval, square, or rectangular: choose a shape that complements your other furniture.

Similarly, ensure you pick the right size, keeping in mind the room's proportions and the table's purpose. A large, rectangular table usually sprawls in spacious living rooms while a small, round table can be tucked in that cozy corner of your bedroom.

Meanwhile, the style should reflect your decor. A mid-century modern table might jibe well with your retro decoration while a farmhouse-style piece might synchronize well with your rustic setting. The array of choices is simply astounding, from contemporary tables to bohemian, industrial, farmhouse, and mid-century modern.

Budget Considerations: Splurging or Saving?

The material of the accent table imparts the final touch of glamour. A dark, mahogany table can furnish a rich, warm tone while a sleek, glass table could impart an airy, spacious feel. Metal tables can be rugged and sturdy, whereas a marble accent table whispers luxury. When it comes to finishes, a glossy finish can brighten up your room, while a distressed one can provide a vintage appeal.

The Right Place to Hunt: Where to Buy Accent Tables

The Right Place to Hunt: Where to Buy Accent Tables

Your budget is a significant factor to consider when buying your accent table. While you might be tempted to splurge on that ornate, hand-carved table, perhaps a simpler, more affordable piece can fulfill your requirements. With a myriad of options in furniture stores and online platforms, you can find beautiful tables that don’t break the bank.

The world becomes your shopping ground, thanks to numerous online and offline stores. For online shopping, websites such as West Elm and Wayfair offer a plethora of options. If you prefer brick-and-mortar stores, consider visiting stores like HomeGoods, Ashley Furniture, or Crate and Barrel.

Home decor is an art, and every piece of furniture, including accent tables, contributes to the masterpiece you're creating. Identifying the right table for your space is a journey, and we hope this guide gives you a good start! Happy table hunting!

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