Best Way to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden

Miriam Piper

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Best Way to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden

1. Winning with the Natural Way!

Any experienced gardener knows that no sight is as deflating as the discovery of your precious plants, which you've nourished from seedlings to splendor, ruthlessly ravaged by furry invaders. Our primary offenders? Rabbits! These cuddly critters may look harmless, but they can cause a big headache for gardeners. But don't despair, in this article, we'll share the best ways to guard your garden against these rascals on the run.

2. Fence Me Not... Or Maybe Do!

One approach is to let Mother Nature help by decorating your garden with plants that rabbits disdain. Think of onions, tomatoes, and rhubarb! For a complete list, Old Farmer's Almanac has an exhaustive list of plants that will have the rabbits turning up their noses.

3. The "Repellant" Strategy

Fences can be an extremely effective means of keeping rabbits out of your garden, especially if you install a chicken wire fence. The mesh construction prevents rabbits from squeezing through, and if buried one foot under, it won't allow them to dig under either. For sturdy and reliable fencing materials, Home Depot's garden fencing category has a comprehensive selection.

4. Let's Get Technological

No, we're not suggesting you become unpleasant to rabbits. We're talking about using commercial repellants. These come in many forms: sprays, pellets, or granules that can be sprinkled around your garden. Most utilize scents that rabbits find offensive, thereby discouraging them from nibbling on your plants. Repellants need to be reapplied frequently, especially after a heavy rain.

If traditional methods aren't cutting it, it's time to bump up the technology level. Ultrasonic repellents, motion-activated sprinklers and garden surveillance systems can add that much-needed extra line of defense. With technology, you can stay one hop ahead of these furry intruders!

It may seem contrary to our mission, but remember, rabbits need to eat too! You might consider setting aside a small section of your yard to plant some of their favorites. It seems like a paradox, but if rabbits have access to food they prefer, they're less likely to ravage your main garden. It's just about finding harmony!

Rabbits in the garden can be a real pickle. But with some planning, creative gardening, and strategic defenses, your garden can be a rabbit-free haven, all season long. And in the process, you'll find that both you and the bunnies have found harmony in coexistence. So, roll up those sleeves, dig into these methods and reclaim your precious greens from these bushy-tailed bandits. Happy Gardening!

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